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Free shipping on all orders of CA$90.00 and more.


Medal hanger as seen at the "Dans l'oeil du Dragon"
Medal hanger as seen at the "Dans l'oeil du Dragon"
VIM&VIGR socks, all models
VIM&VIGR socks, all models
Les Perles Rares jewelry
Les Perles Rares jewelry

Delivery in time for Christmas, you have until December 18th to order online.

Several new products have arrived
Ringuette / Football / Taekwondo / Karaté (girl or boy) / Judo / Baseball / Volleyball / Basketball / 3 levels extensions (18" & 24")

Be ready for Christmas!

Whether it's an AKRO medal hanger, a pair of VIM & VIGR compression stocks or a Les Perles Rares jewelry**, all our products are the perfect Christmas gift and be assured it will be appreciated. 

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  • Free shipping with the purchase of $ 90 or more *
  • NEW No delivery charges for jewelry **